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"... I am honored when a couple researches and researches and then decides on me - They see in my films, what I see in their relationship - in their wedding day."



Licci + Andy

"OMG This video is amazing!!! We had to watch it twice back to back, and we teared up both times! You caught everything we were hoping for!

I (Licci) kept saying how good you were and that you’re a creative genius! Andy definitely agreed!"

Steven + Erin

"We love it! Thank you SO much for capturing this special day for us. It is so lovely and made us tear up all over again. I'll be watching it on repeat all weekend long!

Again, thank you so so much. You are so talented :) "

Salee + Jaime

"I am so grateful to have found Aaron. Last minute we had to change our ceremony time and he was flexible and available.

Our video arrived on time and was everything we could dream of plus more. Thank you Aaron for capturing our beautiful day and delivering us a beautiful video!"

Mallory + Kyle

"Aaron is so wonderful! He worked hard to understand our vision for our wedding weekend and was flexible with his time to make sure we captured family interviews at a Welcome event, ceremony highlights, and candid footage from the reception.

He has a clear artistic eye and could not have been more professional. I was impressed with his fly-on-the-wall approach, but also heard from multiple guests how much they enjoyed their interviews with Aaron. Lastly, he was very thoughtful in hearing /accommodating our ideas (music, separate speech files, etc.).

Our end result is more than we could have hoped for and we will treasure his work forever. I would highly recommend Aaron for anyone looking to document their wedding or other meaningful experience!"

alexandria + Keith

"Just WOW. I’m glad we were home when I watched the video because I bawled my eyes out through most of the it, haha.

 It is so beautiful and I couldn’t be more grateful - how you were able to capture every moment especially our favorites. We wouldn’t change a single thing. We’re so fortunate to have met you and your skill is unmatched.

I feel like I just got married all over again watching our video.

Thank you so much!!!!!!"

Ashley + farhood

"We loved everything about it! You really outdid yourself. We love it and trust your artistic vision... Seriously we love it so much.

Thank you so much!"

Piper + Ryan

"My wife and I were very astonished with Aaron’s final output of our wedding video and photo stills. Overall working with him prior to the big day was a delightful experience.

We loved his energy and passion towards making our wedding shoot perfect. Aaron is a rockstar and we will definitely keep him in mind for any further photo/video shoots later on down the road."

Amanda + Chaz

"You had us both in tears!! I can’t believe how many amazing moments you were able to capture. So many that meant the world to both of us!

We are truly grateful we were able to have you with us for our special day."


"... Your film is all anyone will ever have to remember your day by... Maybe even to remember you by."

SOME investments
ARE forever

Heirloom Film


Wedding Film


Elopement Film


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average investment

average investment

Detailed pricing and customization available.


watching a wedding film of your great-grandparents... or of your parents.

What would strike or surprise you?

Would it be hearing your parents laugh with friends... Would your grandparents give a speech? Would you wonder what their first kiss was like or how they danced?

Would that inform you about your family and where you came from - where they came from?

Would the church or field they married in even still be around?

Envisioning this for clients is what inspires me.

My films don't tend to be JUST for clients, they are for everyone that cares about them - everyone that will see their film in the future.

I put emphasis on nuance, which is why my films tend to have more emotional depth and breadth...

Your film is all anyone will ever have to remember your day by... Maybe even to remember you by.

I never forget that... Neither will your family.

- 8 hours coverage 
- 15 minute film with vows and speeches intertwined

- 6 Hours coverage
- 10 minute film with shortened speeches and vows

- 4 hours coverage
- 6 minute film



"... I believe in fully realized memories of important people and events - not just highlights."

am Aaron - sole artist and owner of Aaron James Weddings.

I only have one 30 second clip of my father. That's it.

That clip is from a local news channel spotlight from the late 90's. My dad invented farm equipment.

Even with cell phone cameras being developed before he passed away, I never thought to capture HIM - his laugh, his sense of style, humor - him and my mom together. I'll attempt to explain to my children, to my wife and to anyone that asks, all of the nuances that made him - HIM, but it's not the same as hearing and seeing him for themselves.

I get that now. I believe in fully realized memories of important people and events - not just highlights.

Getting wedding films technically right is only half of the job - The other half is creating heirloom films that are informative, emotional, exciting and true to life.

My films are true to life in color, lightly stylized documentaries of the love, atmosphere, and energy from the people and moments that surround your day.

Your film is a holistic experience of your love and wedding.

I am honored when a couple researches and researches and then decides on me - They see in my films, what I see in their relationship and day.

THAT'S where all of my experience as a professional truly shines - believeing in deep memories that help define an expeirence a couple created together.

Other snippets about me:
*Ballroom dance instructor
*Casual gamer + traveler
*Vodka enthusiast
*Motorcyclist + focused conversationalist


IN phenomenal love films

Thank you
- Aaron


"...If I were a book, I'd be open."


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